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About Us

Lok Samiti is an independent organisation, located in Nagepur village near Varanasi city of northern India. It works on the ideology of complete revolution (Sampurna Kranti) for “system change” by Loknayak Jaiprakash Narayan.

In order to connect the deprived sections and marginalised communities of the society to the mainstream, the Lok Samiti has been working in more than 60 Panchayats of Araziline and Sewapuri blocks of Varanasi district for last twenty-five years. Lok Samiti believes in building an equitable society.

In 1994, Lok Samiti started working in Araziline block. In the very beginning Nandlal Master, a resident of Nagepur (Usrapatti) village, started teaching to poor children from weaver’s community. At the age of seventeen, he started an informal education centre in the evening with only four children from weaver’s families, who were struggling with bonded labour and inspired by him, other youths of the village also joined hands. After this, Nandlal Master laid the foundation of the Lok Samiti organisation in collaboration with the young fellowsofthe area.

It is worth mentioning that when Nandlal Master started his efforts in Nagepur, the village was struggling with complex problems such as illiteracy and bonded labour. Through the Lok Samiti, he gave new dimensions to his efforts in last twenty-five years, under which villagers registered their active participation not only in the field of education but also in other vital areas like building a discrimination-free society, women leadership, women empowerment, teenage girls education.

Our ideology:

Linking the deprived sectionsand marginalised communities of the society to the mainstream society.

Our inspirations:

Lok Samiti is an independent organisation working on the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, Loknayak ‘Jaiprakash Narayan’, Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar and Dr Ram Manohar Lohia.

Our objectives:

  • Build a non-discriminatory egalitarian society.
  • Link the deprived classes to the mainstream of education.
  • Ensure gender equality.
  • Promote leadership and empowerment of women.
  • Protect human rights.
  • Protect the environment.

Our methodology:

  • Awakening people
  • Educating people
  • Power of mass
  • Public work

Our activities:

  • To create a group of independent people such as Lok Samiti, Women Organization, Youth Organization, Labor Organization, and adolescent girls Group in villages, and work to transform society and system through these organisations.
  • To link the deprived children to the mainstream of education through the Asha social school.
  • To make efforts for self-dependence, leadership and empowerment of adolescent girls and Women.
  • To organiseacademic and cultural programs for gender equality.
  • To bring positive changes in the societalsystemby uniting against social evils.
  • To retribute anti-peoplepoliciesnon-violently and implementation of various government schemes in public welfare through the organisation.
  • To organise programs in the public interest to protect human rights.
  • To resolve people’s conflicts through Lok-Adalatat the local level.
  • To conduct the rights-based struggle and conservation programs to protect the environment.
  • To implement important public rights and schemes like MNREGA, right to food, right to work, right to education, right to information and livelihood rights in public welfare.
  • To promote folk art and culture.
  • To develop the feelings of unity, love, brotherhood and secularism in the society by rising above the boundaries of caste, religion and creed, which divides society.

Come! Let us cooperate at the physical, mental and financial levelin public interest.

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